Saturday, June 6, 2015

Lawnbot's off road test drive video!

 Here is an updated video of the actual lawnbot running on the lawn.  (water rationing in southern Calif.  So not much actual lawn!)
 Initially it kept stalling out a couple times a minute.  Pause for just a second.  I thought it was pulling to many amps and the code was shutting the circuit down for safety.  This was not the case.  It was actually reading the radio to soon and was dropping packets.  This result in a no connection result that put the code into a loop till it received valid data from the transmitter.
  I did find that the current readings were topping out at 10amps (each motor)  with a quick change of directions.  So I installed the - 30 to +30amp current sensors and have them safety checking at about 15-17amps. I'll check after the added weight of the propane motor and it's electric starter motor,  to adjust it any further.  Right now the pwm is limited to 90 out of a possible 255, so there is still a lot of performance possible in this build!
  In the video,  you will notice that it manages to drive up and over the border bricks.  This was a surprise since I didn't think it had that kind of torque/power.  Still quite a bit of fun left in all these recycled scraps!
  Motor mounts for the propane motor and it's custom starter motor are next on the list (after weight/amp tests).  So be sure to check back.  Any questions,  please let me know!

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