Friday, November 6, 2015

Favorite Build, CNC

Home Made CNC Build

 This is my absolute favorite project I have ever worked on!  After 3d printing and customizing the CYCLONE PCB CNC,  I decided it was time to go onto a project I have dreamed about starting for several years.  A full size CNC with a coolant pump that is capable of cutting Aluminum! 
  This is the first axis (Y axis) installed on the 1"x1" square tube (1/8" thick)  steel frame.  The current stats are 30" Y-axis (length),  a 20" X-axis (width)  and the Z-axis (height)  will be adjustable by a changeable carriage.  My current goal is going to be a 6" cutting height.  
  The frame sides are welded.  The 3/8" case hardened rods are anchored at the ends in aluminum blocks with the steel tube ends mounted to the aluminum blocks.  The bed is attached to the steel tube ends.  This allows the bed and rail to be locked at a specific distance and will be true throughout the entire Y-axis! 

  The result is the Y-axis rods are locked into the bed,  even if the frame was off.  Even though the sides of the frame are spot welded,  almost every other part is being attached with black oxide hex nuts and tapped/threaded holes.  The bed is standard 20mm x 60mm openbeam t-slot aluminum. 
  My design is made to lock one part into the next,  before being screwed together.  BUT,  if any part were off and needed adjusting,  they can easily be shimmed.  That is another design goal with this project.  I want everything to be replaceable/upgradable.  For example,  I am starting with NEMA 17 motors (because I already have them.),  but think I will be upgrading almost immediately to NEMA 23 for aluminum.  The Z-carriage will be able to swap out for different heights and cutters. 
  Next will be building the X-axis.  Hope it goes as well.  Check back for updates. 

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