Monday, April 29, 2013

Destroyed the SD card socket in my Raspberry Pi.

Micro SD adapter mounted in the Raspberry Pi

When it rains,  it poors! For the first week, I have been chasing a bug on the Raspberry Pi. Where keystrokes from the USB keyboard are missing or are duplicated continously .  This bug is caused by low or no power on your USB hub. Since I have a 2 amp powered hub, I have tried changing devices looking for something that was shorted or power hungry that could be causing it.  The problem was intermittent, so I would have to wait for it to occur to try and solve it. Today it happened, so I replaced the keyboard (yet again) and started wiggling wires. I pulled too hard and yanked it from its case while the sd card was installed. The Raspberry Pi came out of the case ripping the Sd card mounts clips off.  It will no longer hold an sd card. Without an sd card it would not boot!

  Found a quick fix. Took a micro sd to sd card adapter,  a little bit of epoxy and permanently mounted it in place. Put my sd card image on a new micro sd card,  inserted it and it booted right up!  Wonderful, but nothing attached to the hub would start.  No keyboard, no mouse or wifi.. Nothing!  Checked the power and it was fine, but even the LED would not come on. Tried it on a other computer.  Nothing. Ended up buying another one. Started right up!
Used it for a couple hours and not a single problem, not even the low USB power bug! My Raspberry Pi is working better than it did before, bug is gone, sd card works the same as it did before. True it is a smaller card (same 16 gigs), but it plugs into an adapter that is that used to hold the actual sd card.
  Well that is part of the good news… Before I found the solution for both hardware problems, I had a moment of pure frustration and had given up for that split second. I feared it lost and ordered a second one. So in a few days it will be double the ‘fun’ when I receive a second raspberry pi.
I really am enjoying this little wonder!

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