Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Large mower-robot chassis progressing quickly !

Here's a quick update since I haven't posted in a bit.  Work is going on daily.  At least a couple hours a day is what I have been trying for.  Lately I  have been working on getting a physical chassis up and running.  What is pictured is a first mock-up of my 3 wheeled mower bot.  
The 2 rear wheels are salvaged, geared drive, dual 12v, 25 amp motors.  Taken from a kid's power wheels ride on jeep.  Along with the dual 45amp mosfets driven H-bridge should be more than enough to drive this bot through any urban environment . 
 The cutter motor is a 25cc, 4 stroke propane string trimmer (weed whacker) motor.  I had built the system around the string trimmer's 18" inch cutter head, but the body size of 18x24 inches is extremely large for my yard and would not only cut the lawn in a couple passes, but prevent me from maneuvering in the tight areas.  So I believe I  will not only shorten the cutter head, but also the overall size by about 2/3rds.
  The next step is to mount the battery box and some of the computer equipment so I  can start testing the base with a 6 channel remote control.  I will be sure to post some videos of this step as well. 
 The next hurdle is going to be cutting up the motor's clutch housing and fabricating a cutter head drive.  Obviously I won't be able to use the 8 foot drive shaft that came with the weed whacker. 
  So anytime I am not posting,  it's not that I have given up on any of this project!  It's more like I am so involved and barely have time to do anything but work on this bot.  I really want it to move forward quickly and have a working, remote controlled chassis in the next couple of days!  (did I mention a contractor has the front of my house torn off at the moment?  Ah,  Busy days!) 

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