Sunday, September 22, 2013

Raspberry Pi tablet using Tightvnc and Remote Ripple.

Yesterday I showed you how to convert an inexpensive LCD monitor to be powered and run with the Raspberry Pi. My intention for that screen is to run a custom python program which will monitor sensor data and system status of my robot.  But it is much too small for everyday use and I  really don't want to plug it into the HDMI monitor every time I need to change one line of code.  The solution for me is to run a TightVNC server on the Raspberry Pi and Remote Ripple (from the creator of TightVNC. )  on my Nexus 10 running Android.  I can connect to the RPI from Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android or any computer running a VNC Client program over WiFi. You can then run any program,  change files,  update the system, reboot or halt the RPI as if you were connected to it with a keyboard,  mouse and local monitor with any computer running the client software.  Even a Nexus 10 Tablet! 
So how do you do it? 

 I installed it using the instructions here:

TightVNC is available for free at contains the client and server software, is available for free and works on most platforms (except android) .  Remote Ripple client software does work on Android,  requires a very small license fee and is available from the Play Store. 

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