Thursday, November 17, 2016

Aluminum Casting CNC Z-axis carriage

It's been a while since my last post, but there is a really good reason.  I was building a foundry and teaching myself mold making for aluminum casting.  The real hard part was getting a 3d ABS print to create a clean mold.  A problem since it is not a smooth surface.  I found a solution and will be making another post to explain how to do it.

  The video above shows the casting process for 1 of the 6 parts that make up the Z-axis/carriage for my CNC.  It included the spindle mount I designed for the ryobi circle cutter spindle.  There are 2 smooth rod holders for 8mm rods, 2x bearing mounts for 15mm OD 8mm ID bearings.
  It turned out really well with very tight tolerances. No play at all.

Sand cast mold of the 3d printed part.

Comparison of the 3d part alongside the aluminum casting.

Aluminum Cast smooth rod mounts.

The complete Z-axis carriage assembly.

Almost to the electronics. Just have to install the Acme screws/nuts, Design mounts for the limit switches. Then I can start on the electronics assembly/setup.  It is coming along really well.

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