Sunday, December 4, 2016

Aluminum Casting X-Y Axis Acme Nut Trap from 3D printed models.

X axis acme nut trap. 

I am using 3/8" acme rods and nuts for my X and Y axis.  Nothing I could find would fit my custom cnc build,  so I decided to 3D print some models out of ABS and cast them out of scrap aluminum. 

Models and Machined acme nut Traps. 

 After casting the parts in a sand mold,  I machined them on a 12" drill press using an X-Y table and a CNC straight cutter.  Slight modifications to make them fit exactly how I needed them. 

Y Axis acme nut trap. 

Right now there are only a couple washers/nuts locking the nut to the trap.   Once the cnc is up and running  I will machine a couple clamps to lock them to the nut traps. 

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